THE Partial Knee Meeting 2024

January 25 & 26, 2024 in Antwerp, Belgium

Dear colleagues, dear friends

It is with great pleasure that we announce the next edition of this innovative meeting formerly entitled “Small Implants”. For most of us “Small Implants” speaks for itself, but let us extend on the topic.

THE Partial Knee Meeting will, in a cycle of two years, happen in Europe and will discuss arthroplasty solutions that are not total joint replacements, but all other types of combinations of resurfacing solutions for knee osteoarthritis.

The utilization of unicompartmental replacements for medial and lateral tibiofemoral disease and patellofemoral replacements for patellofemoral osteoarthritis is increasing every day.

Patient satisfaction and functional results are proof of the necessity of this type of implants. However, good indications and surgical technique determine the success for both patients and surgeons. Education and training can play an important role in this. Therefore we have selected the best surgeons from across the globe to come and share their experiences with us.

It is our great honor to organize the sixth edition of this fabulous meeting in Antwerp, Belgium. The previous edition in Bruges was a huge success. We can only hope to do at least as well. The faculty we have already, now we only need you the audience, to make this a challenging and exciting meeting.

The program as you will see will be controversial with a lot of discussions challenging our faculty to share their experiences and results with us.

Attendance is limited, so please don’t wait until the last minute for your inscription. Bruges 2020 was attended by surgeons from 32 different countries from around the world.


Fifth Edition: Bruges 2020


  • Adravanti Paolo (IT)
  • Aldinger Peter (DE)
  • Alvand Abtin (UK)
  • Argenson Jean-Noël (FR)
  • Baldini Andrea (IT)
  • Barrett David (UK)
  • Becker Roland (DE)
  • Beckmann Johannes (DE)
  • Bellemans Johan (BE)
  • Benazzo Francesco (IT)
  • Bonnin Michel (FR)
  • Bozkurt Murat (TR)
  • Calliess Tilman (CH)
  • Catani Fabio (IT)
  • Clarius Michael (DE)
  • Dodd Chris (UK)
  • Eldridge Jonathan (UK)
  • Halder Andreas (DE)
  • Hernandez José (ES)
  • Heyse Thomas (DE)
  • Hirschmann Michael (CH)
  • Kinov Plamen (BUL)
  • Kornilov Nikolai (RU)
  • London Nick (UK)
  • Lustig Sebastien (FR)
  • Porteous Andrew (UK)
  • Roche Martin (US)
  • Romagnoli Sergio (IT)
  • Rossi Roberto (IT)
  • Thienpont Emmanuel (BE)
  • Troelsen Anders (DK)
  • van Hellemondt Gijs (NL)
  • Victor Jan (BE)

THE Partial Knee Meeting Board

  • Prof. P. Adravanti (IT)
  • Prof. D. Barrett (UK)
  • Prof. S. Parratte (UAE)
  • Prof. S. Romagnoli (IT)
  • Prof. E. Thienpont (BE)

Co-Chairpersons 2024

  • Prof. D. Barrett
  • Prof. S. Romagnoli


THURSDAY 25 January 2024














FRIDAY 26 January 2024










Registration of attendees at Flanders Meeting & Convention Center, Antwerp, Belgium

Opening of the meeting

Welcome by the Chairpersons

Interactive Expert Panel about Current and Extended Indications for PKA

Moderator: Andrea Baldini

Room challenger: Paolo Adravanti

Consensus statement moderator: Michael Clarius

Panel: Peter Aldinger, Jean Noel Argenson, David Barrett, Roland Becker, Francesco Benazzo, Murat Bozkurt, Fabio Catani, Nickolay Kornilov, Andrew Porteous, Sergio Romagnoli, Jan Victor

My Surgical Technique of the Medial PKA – Interactive Expert Panel and Re-live Surgery

  1. Nick London
  2. Anders Troelsen
  3. Andreas Halder
  4. Martin Roche


Moderator: David Barrett

Room challenger: Johannes Beckman

Consensus statement moderator: Thomas Heyse

Panel: Abtin Alvand, Johannes Beckmann, Michel Bonnin, Tilman Calliess, Michael Clarius,  Chris Dodd, José Hernandez, Michael Hirschmann, Plamen Kinov, Sebastien Lustig, Roberto Rossi

Coffee Break

Bicompartmental Arthroplasty – Interactive Expert Panel

Moderator: Andrew Porteous

Room challenger: Abtin Alvand

Consensus statement moderator: Francesco Benazzo

Panel: Paolo Adravanti, Jean Noel Argenson, Andrea Baldini, Michel Bonnin, Jonathan Eldridge, Thomas Heyse, Nickolay Kornilov, Nick London, Martin Roche, Sergio Romagnoli, Anders Troelsen

Lunch Break with Sponsor Satellite Symposiums

My Surgical Technique of the Lateral PKA – Interactive Expert Panel and Re-live Surgery

  1. Peter Aldinger
  2. Andrea Baldini
  3. Fabio Catani
  4. Johannes Beckmann

Moderator: Nick London

Room challenger: Plamen Kinov

Consensus statement moderator: Michel Bonnin

Panel: Paolo Adravanti, Peter Aldinger, Andrea Baldini, Murat Bozkurt, Roland Becker, Fabio Catani, José Hernandez, Michael Hirschmann, Sebastien Lustig, Martin Roche, Jan Victor

Coffee Break

My Surgical Technique of the PFJ Arthroplasty – Interactive Expert Panel and Re-Live Surgery          

  1. Sergio Romagnoli– Inlay
  2. David Barrett – Onlay
  3. Tilman Calliess – Robot-assisted PFA
  4. Johan Bellemans – Robot assisted “My way PFA”

Moderator: Jonathan Eldridge

Room challenger: Peter Aldinger

Consensus statement moderator: Michael Hirschmann

Panel: Abtin Alvand, David Barrett, Johannes Beckmann, Johan Bellemans, Francesco Benazzo, Tilman Calliess, José Hernandez, Thomas Heyse, Andrew Porteous, Sergio Romagnoli, Roberto Rossi

Presidential Address about Healthcare in Europe

Margaritas Schinas, Vice-President of the European Commission

Ask the CEO

Moderator: Emmanuel Thienpont

Panel: Badard Mathieu, Calafiore Massimo, Dalton Andrew, Garcia Marques Kenneth, Siccardi Francesco, van Zuilen Wilfred

Deep Dives   Discussion in small groups in an informal way and case-based      

Fixed bearing PKA: Argenson, Benazzo, Halder, London, Rossi, Porteous

Mobile bearing PKA: Aldinger, Alvand, Clarius, Dodd, Kornilov, Troelsen

Robotics-assisted PKA: Becker, Bellemans, Calliess, Catani, Lustig, Roche

Patellofemoral Arthroplasty: Adravanti, Barrett, Beckmann, Bonnin, Eldridge, Hernandez, Romagnoli

Day Care PKA: Baldini, Bozkurt, Heyse, Hirschmann, Kinov, Victor

Free Paper Session

Moderators: Jean Noel Argenson & Chris Dodd

Coffee Break

Precision enabling technologies and PKA – Interactive Expert Panel

Moderator: Martin Roche

Room challenger: Roberto Rossi

Consensus statement moderator: Andreas Halder

Panel: Johan Bellemans, Murat Bozkurt, Tilman Calliess, Fabio Catani, Jonathan Eldridge, Andreas Halder, Thomas Heyse, Plamen Kinov, Nick London, Sergio Romagnoli, Jan Victor

Lunch break with sponsor satellite symposiums

The complexity of surgery: case-based discussion

PKA in the stiff knee – Sebastien Lustig  

Fixed flexion deformity – Michel Bonnin

ACL deficiency and PKA – Paolo Adravanti

Aseptic loosening & radiolucent lines – Chris Dodd

Peri-prosthetic fracture – Roberto Rossi

Chronic pain after PKA – Michael Hirschmann

Disease progression – Michael Clarius

Complex revision of PKA – Gijs van Hellemondt


Moderator: Anders Troelsen

Room challenger: Fabio Catani

Consensus statement moderator: Roland Becker

Coffee Break

Hot topics and controversies about PKA – Interactive Expert Panel

Moderator: Jan Victor

Room challenger: Sebastien Lustig

Consensus statement moderator: Hernandez José

Panel: Abtin Alvand, David Barrett, Roland Becker, Francesco Benazzo, Johannes Beckmann, Andreas Halder, Thomas Heyse, Plamen Kinov, Nickolay Kornilov, Andrew Porteous, Anders Troelsen

Partial Knee Arthroplasty: tips and tricks from the heart

Moderator: Johan Bellemans

Keynote Speaker: Philippe Cartier

Closure of meeting by Chairpersons

Abstract Submission

On Friday 26 of January 2024 THE PKM organizes a Free Paper Session from 0800H – 1000H

Abstract submission deadline: 30 November 2023

Abstract selection notification: 7 December 2023

Travel to Belgium

Date: 25 & 26 January 2024

Place: Antwerp, Belgium

Airport: Fly to Brussels Airport (BRU) and travel by train or taxi to Antwerp

Train station: Antwerpen-Centraal Station is next to Flanders Meeting & Convention Center

Congress venue

Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp

Koningin Astridplein 20-26, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium

THE Partial Knee Meeting
Practical Information

Dear attendees, 

On Thursday and Friday during lunch time THE Partial Knee Meeting and our different sponsors organise scientific side events for your continuous medical education.

  Thursday 25 01 2024, 1215H – 1400H            Satellite Symposium

  Friday 26 01 2024, 1215H – 1400H                  Satellite Symposium

On Thursday Evening a Deep Dive Event is organised with the Faculty

  Thursday 25 01 2024, 1800H                              Deep Dive Sessions 

Registration is needed for Deep Dive Session with Keep International

Interact with THE PKM

On 25-26th January 2024, you will attend the Partial Knee Meeting.

For these days to be as interactive as possible, we will invite you to participate by sharing your opinion on some topics via a voting method, or by sending your questions directly to the moderator using the WOOCLAP system. For this method to be most effective, we invite you to acquaint yourself with the voting system.


THE PKM 2024 has been supported by a scientific grant for registration by TRB Chemedica Belgium

The PKM Board thanks our partner for their support for continued medical education    

Criteria for selection:

1. A young surgeon or resident < 32-year-old

2. Must understand English fluently

3. Be interested in knee surgery and especially replacement surgery

4. Live in Belgium   

Selection procedure and data necessary for selection by the scientific board of PKM 2024:

1. Send an email with your application to

2. Mention in the email why you should be selected for the grant

3. Mention your city and country of residence

4. Mention your date of birth

5. Mention your university of residents training

6. Confirm that we can process your data according to GDPR rules and that we can share this with the sponsor

7. Wait for a confirmation mail and block the dates with your hospital to ensure you can be present during the entire meeting







Early registration (before 31 December 2023)

  • Orthopaedic Surgeon / Medical Doctor (€450)
  • Industry Partner (€750)
  • Resident / Nurses / Allied Health (€250)

Previous editions

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

Knokke, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium

Milano, Italy






The legal and fiscal organizer of THE Partial Knee Meeting is KEEP International S.r.l.



Address: Via Giuseppe Vigoni, 11 – 20122 Milano, Italy

Tel:  +39 02 54122579/13

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